Wera Speaks at Final Election Hustings

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Dec 10, 2019 10:12

Last night Wera spoke at the final hustings of this election campaign, A New Vision for the UK?, held by Bath Stop War and members of other local campaigning groups.

Here is her opening statement in full:

It’s been a real honour to represent Bath in the last two and a half years, until parliament was dissolved nearly five weeks ago. When I tell people I live in Bath, the immediate response is always: “Ah, Bath - such a beautiful city." That is of course true, but what I particularly like about Bath is its citizens, the people who live here.

The vast majority of Bathonians are inclusive, open-minded and tolerant, politically engaged, community minded, creative and have a deep sense of social justice.

I have hugely enjoyed being parting of some big debates that we have had here across a wide range of subjects: traffic, pollution, light pollution, the Climate Emergency, homelessness, education funding, peace and international relations, or domestic abuse. I do not pretend to have immediate and snappy answers to any of these issues.
What I have enjoyed is inching myself to some of the answers in partnership with the people of this city.

I grew up in a divided Germany. Back then, the world was ideologically divided and the threat of nuclear confrontation was very real. Witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall continues to be my most profound memory for a new departure for peace and prosperity.

Europe at peace is a precious cornerstone of what I believe in and want to build on.

The economic and social divide between Eastern and Western Europe is narrowing and it was achieved by a real sense of solidarity. This sense of solidarity is at risk again. When countries revert back to their own narrow national self interest everybody loses out, including and especially the country that is on the retreat and is pulling up the drawbridge.

Right-wing nationalism is on the rise again, not just in this country. From what I have learned from history, I cannot placidly stand by. Together with so many Bath citizens I am standing up to be counted. I will not rest until I see this country come back to its senses and take its proud place at the heart of the EU to be once again a world leader for peace, social justice and the international rules-based order.





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