Prime Minister Commits to Working with Local MP to Tackle Human Rights Abuses in Syria

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jan 15, 2020 2:01

Today Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, secured a commitment from the Prime Minister to work together on Turkey’s human rights violations in Syria against Kurdish communities.

Acting on behalf of her constituent, a Syrian refugee who arrived in Bath 13 months ago from Afrin, she drew attention to the ongoing situation in Syria which has seen large communities of Kurdish people displaced. Speaking at Prime Ministers Question Time today, she said:

“My constituent Rosanna, came to the UK as a Kurdish refugee, fleeing persecution and human rights abuses committed by Turkish backed-fighters in Northern Syria. Her family remain in the region and she lives in daily fear. There have been multiple reports of human rights violations against the Kurdish population - including reports that suggest the Turkish forces used white phosphorus on children in Syria. This is unacceptable. Will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to condemn the human rights violations committed by Turkish forces against Kurdish civilians? And what will the government do in order to prevent further human rights violations against Kurdish civilians in Syria?”

The Prime Minster responded by affirming that he “deplored” the human’s rights abuses referenced and that he would like to “look at the details of the specific case she has because this is very concerning”. Following the exchange Wera Hobhouse said:

“I am pleased that the Prime Minister had agreed to work with me on this issue and look forward to meeting with him to discuss what can be done to move this forward. The key thing now is to make sure that aid and supplies can reach the Kurdish communities who have been displaced and are now being forced to live in camps. These communities have been through hell over the last eight years. The UK government has a responsibility to do all it can to stop any further atrocities and help our Kurdish allies. I will continue to work with the Kurdish community in Bath, trying to secure support and aid for their families back in Syria.”





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