Widcombe Junior School: "Pollution Solution!"

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Apr 26, 2018 3:04

Year 5 Pupils at Widcombe Junior School have come up with the name for their anti-pollution campaign - "Pollution Solution". 

Last month, Wera visited Widcombe Junior School to mark the start of an environmental project taking the shape of a campaign. Headteacher Claire Taylor is encouraging children to do something that will take the work out of their project books and on to the streets of Bath. 

It's no secret that Bath faces serious air pollution problems, with many streets in the city exceeding the legal maximum limit of Nitrogen Dioxide particles. Widcombe Junior School is situated in such an area, meaning the problem is especially acute for them. 

Wera has been in regular contact with the pupils, and now they have some up with the start of their "Pollution Solution" campaign, as described in the video above. 


Wera Hobhouse said:

"I'm really excited! They have done such good work so far, and I think the name is excellent. I'm looking forward to visiting them again and helping their campaign in any way I can. I hope politicians and other important people in Bath are ready for this!"

Claire Taylor said:

“At Widcombe Junior School, we actively seek to provide opportunities that have a purposeful hook. If we can link our enquiry based approach to topic learning with an engaging link to our community then that is something which excites us! We want our pupils to take responsibility for their learning and feel they can contribute to making a positive change.”



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