Wera Joins First Ever Permanent Cross-Party Network in Parliament

The More United MP Network’s members have committed to working cross-party in the national interest, no matter who is in power.

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, May 09, 2019 3:05

Wera Hobhouse has joined 50 Members of Parliament from seven political parties to establish a groundbreaking network for cross-party campaigning in Westminster.

The More United MP Network’s members have committed to working cross-party in the national interest, no matter who is in power. They have already led successful campaigns on Immigration rules (Tier 2 visas and EU citizen Fees), restoring the Enable Fund for Deaf and Disabled people and access to Legal Aid.

The network will tackle issues neglected because of Brexit by the emerging cross-party movement of over 150,000 members who share a desire to move Britain forward. Initial campaigns will focus on poverty and homelessness, responsible technology, mental health and urgent climate dangers.

Wera said: “I came into Parliament to get things done for my constituents and for everyone in our country. I am a firm believer in working cross-party to create positive change. I’m very excited to be part of this permanent network of MPs committed to doing just this.”

“Brexit has taken up all of Parliament’s time and energy, with disastrous results. Vital issues like climate change, mental health, justice and education are being neglected. I’m determined to help deliver better outcomes for people everywhere and to rebuild trust in Parliament,” Wera stated.

There is strong evidence backing the rationale for More United. For example, recent research by the Hansard Society shows 75% of people believe political parties are so divided they can’t effectively serve the country. On the topic of Brexit, research by Britainthinks revealed that over two-thirds of people it surveyed think Brexit has hindered Parliament’s ability to tackle other important issues facing our country.

More United grassroots members are able to support campaigns through online petitions, surveys and ‘write to your MP’ initiatives as well as local outreach and lobbying events. Members across the UK are able to work with politicians from all parties through More United campaigns, no matter which constituency they live in. They also have a say on which MPs to support at election time.

With millions of people signing online petitions, there is a definite appetite for using digital technology to engage with politics. By fusing online engagement opportunities with MPs of all parties, More United aims to become a mass movement, hoping to sign up 250,000 members and 100 MPs by the end of 2020. For more information, visit https://moreunited.org.uk/.





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