Wera Holds Government to Account over Social Housing in Foxhill

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Dec 08, 2017 4:12

On Wednesday evening, Wera Hobhouse lead an adjournment debate on social housing in the House of Commons.

Her speech focused on the loss of 99 social housing units from the proposed redevelopment of Foxhill/Mulberry Park, and called the government out on their failure to mention social housing in the budget.

Curo have outline planning permission to demolish large swathes of the Foxhill estate, replacing the post-war houses with modern apartment blocks and townhouses. There will be an overall net loss of 99 social homes for rent.

Short version here: 

Wera said after the debate: “Foxhill is one of the biggest issues in Bath at the moment, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to highlight in Parliament the injustice of 99 vulnerable families being kicked out of our city. As I said in my speech, it’s social cleansing.”

She continued; “Curo are being forced by the Government to act like a private developer to build new houses; the profits from the sale of private homes have to fund the building of social homes. It is evident on Foxhill that under this model, social homes are lost, not gained. The government must give grants to housing associations and local councils so they can build social houses.”

“I am meeting Alok Sharma before Christmas, where I plan to establish exactly how Bath can access the funding required to meet the needs of all its residents. I will keep putting pressure on the Government until this happens.”

Full debate here:

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