Wera Hobhouse Has Slammed ‘out of touch’ Tories For Sabotaging Her Bill to Make Upskirting A Specific Sexual Offence

Chris Chope flew in the face of the public, the government, Number 10, and morality by vetoing the bill...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jun 16, 2018 11:06

Having secured the Government’s support for her Bill to make upskirting a specific offence, it was expected to pass through the House of Commons on Friday.

The Bill comes off the back of Gina Martin’s campaign, which she started after falling victim to the crime last summer.

However, in a shocking move Tory MP Chris Chope (known for his controversial views on climate change), defied the Government and Number 10 by opposing the Bill, preventing it from proceeding to the next stage. Chris Chope has done this before, vetoing Parliament’s pardon for Alan Turing.

Wera’s bill on upskirting not only has support cross party support in Westminster, but has support from 95% of the public in a poll conducted by ITV of over 30,000 people. Celebrities like Holly Willoughby and Dermot O’leary have come out in support of Gina’s campaign and Wera’s bill.

Speaking afterwards, Wera said:

“Gina, her lawyer Ryan Whelan, and myself have worked with Minister on this and we know how deeply she cares about this issue. We will therefore be making urgent arrangements to meet with her and plan the route forward.

“Upskirting is a depraved violation of privacy. It is outrageous that a single Member of Parliament has today been able to derail a much needed and universally supported change in the law.

“This change would have protected women and girls across England and Wales and given the police the tools to bring the perpetrators to justice. This is too important to allow people like Chris Cope to obstruct progress on this vital issue.

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