WATCH: MP, Local Business and Education Leaders See Positive Future for Bath

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse Hosts Online Public Meeting to discuss and look to the future of business and employment in Bath.

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jul 31, 2020 10:07

Wera Hobhouse MP convened her latest online public meeting on the theme “Innovation Bath: Looking to the Future of Business and Employment” on Wednesday 29th July.

She and her seven guest speakers - leaders from business, the technology and creative sectors, the city’s two universities and Bath College - discussed collective efforts underway to build a strong future for Bath’s economy in the wake of COVID-19. 

The positive and wide-ranging conversation covered topics from how best to support local businesses, plans to help upskill and reskill our workforce, the enabling role of technology, to ensuring an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery that takes wellbeing into account. 

Wera said:

“We face big challenges, tough decisions and, above all, change. Some businesses won’t see the pandemic through, some will succeed, new businesses will emerge. The question is ‘Have we got the right building blocks, such as creativity, technology, education, skills, and infrastructure, to ensure that our city flourishes in this new reality?’”

“Each of our guest speakers is already making a positive difference in our city, and they will make an even bigger impact in reshaping our future. The extent to which we succeed will be determined by the extent to which we all work together. What we heard was encouraging and exciting.”

“I am very grateful to our speakers and to everyone in the audience who took the time to engage in this vital community conversation. I will be back with my next event in September.”

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