Upskirting Bill Passes Through The Commons

A huge success for Wera's campaign...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Sep 06, 2018 4:09

'Upskirting’ has come one step closer to becoming a specific criminal offence. 

The Voyeurism Offences Bill passed it’s third reading in the House of Commons, and is set to enter the House of Lords.

Upskirting is the practice of taking photographs up a person’s skirt without their consent, and until this bill passes in to law, the act is not a specific crime.

The bill originated as a Private Members Bill proposed by Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath. The bill was blocked by Tory MP Christopher Chope, which caused a national outcry, and the government was pressured in to adopting the bill and pushing it through the house in government time.

In a speech to the chamber, Wera said; “I am immensely grateful that the government has taken the Upskirting Bill through the House so quickly. Everyone involved can be very proud in what has been achieved so far. This bill is testament to how we can all work together constructively.”

“I want this bill to stop the vile practice of upskirting. It should be a successful tool for prosecution, but it should also act as a deterrent. Zero tolerance, no loopholes.”

Wera went on to say, “This bill has not only highlighted and potentially rectified this gap in the law, but resulted in further parliamentary debate on serious issues around non consensual distribution of pornographic images, as well as the production of deep fakes enabled by new technology.”

“I look forward to working hard on these issues, and doing everything I can to make sure the law protects victims of all sexually motivated malicious behaviour in this country.”