Sign the letter asking the Government to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Sign the letter asking the Government to welcome Ukrainian refugees

We have all been horrified by Putin’s war on Ukraine and the shocking human suffering it has unleashed. This dire situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Millions of people have been displaced and so far, over two million have fled the country in search of safety in the biggest movement of people in Europe since the Second World War. The UK Government must make an ambitious commitment to Ukrainians fleeing the invasion.

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Dear Priti, 

We are writing to urge you to allow more Ukrainian refugees into the UK. So far, the UK has granted a shockingly low number of visas to those fleeing the war in Ukraine. Our country has a proud history of providing a haven for those fleeing war and persecution and we must respond to this humanitarian catastrophe with generosity.

The UK must commit to an ambitious commitment to resettle Ukrainian refugees in the UK. I am calling on you to scrap the Nationality and Borders Bill which criminalises Ukrainians and other refugees who come to the UK seeking asylum. Do not repeat the mistakes of the Afghan refugee scheme, where families have been trapped in small hotel rooms waiting to be properly resettled and without the settled immigration status the Government promised. 

It is also vital that any resettlement scheme is matched with sufficient funding for local councils. Our local authorities are waiting to open their doors to Ukrainian refugees, but they cannot be expected to bear this burden alone. You need to provide a five-year funding package for every person a local council resettles. 

In Bath, we are ready to welcome refugees fleeing the terror inflicted on them by Putin, but without support from Government, this public goodwill will be squandered.

Yours sincerely, 

Wera Hobhouse
Member of Parliament for Bath

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