Transport and Pollution Conference

The conference will take place on Saturday 9th June, and will focus on solutions for Bath's transport woes...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse,

Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse announces a 9th June Transport and Pollution Conference for residents, featuring Greenpeace and supported by the Bath Chronicle.

Wera Hobhouse said: ‘Last February I organised a Briefing session for residents, on Bath’s Traffic and Pollution problems. We heard about student numbers, tourist numbers and our increasing population; we heard from business and public transport. Across the city, residents have held their own meetings.

I am delighted to announce that Greenpeace’s Air Quality campaigner, Rosie Rogers, is our first Keynote speaker. Rosie has worked tirelessly over the last 3 years to bring Air Pollution to the top of the political agenda. She will be outlining the dangers of air pollution, and the solutions available.

Bath University’s Dr Ian Walker is our second keynote speaker. He’ll be looking at the psychology around cars and car use, and the challenges of creating behaviour change in a culture that’s only ever known cars.’

Then there are the other options available to us, such as trams, light rail, pedestrianization and increased cycle use, and we can look at how other cities are dealing with traffic and pollution. I also think it is vital that we explore the remaining options to the east of the city. ‘

Finally, I am asking some key local groups to tell us what they think the solutions are. I’m pleased to say that this session will be chaired by the Bath Chronicle. The speakers are Prof Graham Parkhurst from University of the West of England, Robin Kerr from Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations, and Joanne Wright from Transition in Bath.’

Gavin Thompson, editor of the Bath Chronicle, said: "We’re happy to support this conference, as it comes at a crucial time for the city and its surrounding villages. Bath and North-East Somerset Council has been told to act on air pollution levels and is consulting on the idea of a clean air zone for the city centre. At the Chronicle, we want to encourage debate and discussion on such an important topic. This is a good opportunity for residents to find out more about the issues, and some of the ideas being put forward to tackle them."

The conference will take place on Saturday the 9th June, beginning 9.45am at Komedia, in Westgate Street. Tickets are free for BaNES residents, and available from [email protected]. Further details will be announced at


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