Sue Craig Wins Triumphant Victory In Kinsgmead

Kingsmead now has two Lib Dem councillors

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jul 07, 2018 2:07

Wera Hobhouse congratulated Sue Craig on becoming councillor for Kingsmead after a triumphant victory last week.

She saw the other candidates off with a majority of 200, an impressive feat considering she had broken her foot a few days earlier.

Her by-election campaign was based around cleaning up the streets of Kingsmead, and standing up against terrible financial decisions made by the Conservative run council.

Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, said:

“I’m delighted that Sue is now on the council, and I know residents in Kingsmead have made an excellent choice! I’ve campaigned with Sue for a long time now, and can speak for her commitment, intelligence, and love of our beautiful city.”

“We need local politicians like Sue who will stand up against the ruthless Tory cuts that are ruining services across Bath.”

“My constituency office is in Kingsmead, and so Sue is now our councillor! She’s a very approachable person, so I thoroughly encourage residents to get in touch with her.”

Sur Craig said:

“The clear message I’ve received is that Bath residents are sick of coming last in the priority list behind visitors and students. We’ve had enough of the poor state of the city centre; enough of rubbish spread everywhere, noisy gulls and the lack of simple facilities such as a seat or a bin.

“In Kingsmead Square I’ll be working with my ward colleague to see what can be done about some of the local issues including parking, rubbish from fast food outlets and drug dealing.”

Lib Dem Group on B&NES Council, Councillor Dine Romero said:

“This was a great result for the Lib Dems. I’m delighted to welcome Sue Craig into the Group and am certain she will be a superb representative for Kingsmead.

“Lib Dem campaigners were out in force during the campaign, talking to residents. We’ve heard how residents are fed up with the Conservatives’ neglect of the city and the lack of progress on key issues – congestion, public transport, housing and public services.”

Local Lib Dem Party Chair Ben Stevens said:

“We’re very happy with this result, which is the third by-election win in a row for the Lib Dems on top of winning back the Bath Parliamentary seat last year.

“This by-election doesn’t change who runs the Council, but residents clearly chose to send the Tories a message. We hope that they listen because the message couldn’t have been clearer.

“Next May is the all-up local election in B&NES. Residents across the area will have a chance then to decide who runs B&NES for the next four years. Recent results suggest that people in Bath trust the Lib Dems to do a better job than the Tories.”

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