MP impressed by Rosemary Lodge Vet Hospital

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, May 14, 2022 5:05

MP Wera Hobhouse visited the busy Rosemary Lodge Vet Hospital in Odd Down to meet with staff and to tour this state-of-the-art facility which runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hardworking hospital is staffed with dedicated night vets and night nurses.

Wera met with the hospital’s Clinical Directors Joanna Everett and Sarah Howell and Lily Harvey, Nursing Manager, who told her about the challenges they face.

Following the visit, Wera Hobhouse commented:

“I know that many Bath residents rely on Rosemary Lodge Vet Hospital to provide expert care for their beloved pets. I was impressed by the excellent facilities but it was the high level of commitment and the dedication of the staff that made the biggest impression on me.

“I was sorry to hear about the challenges that the veterinary profession and Rosemary Lodge Vet Hospital face. These are similar to what I hear from other branches of healthcare, from GPs to NHS dentists and hospital staff. They face staff shortages due to Brexit and Covid and are also experiencing increased levels of abuse from the public. This leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety. We need to find solutions to provide more support for all our healthcare professionals.”

Rosemary Lodge Vet Hospital Clinical Director Joanna Everett said:

“My colleagues and I were delighted to show Wera around the vet hospital so that she could gain a better understanding of how we work and the issues we face. Pets are so important to many people’s lives and they can do wonders for mental health. 

"During the pandemic, three million households took on new pets, but the majority of new pet owners do not have pet insurance or have had to cancel it because of the rising cost of living. We are having to deal with clients’ expectations of immediate free service.”


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