Wera: Odd Down Testing Centre A Positive Step Forward

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Sep 11, 2020 10:09

Wera responded to the announcement of the opening of a new drive-in Covid testing centre in Odd Down.

Wera said:

"This is very good news. It is an important first step in ensuring that everyone in Bath has access to a test if they need it and further protects our community against the threat of a Covid-19 outbreak.”

“I have been hearing from far too many people in Bath, especially parents with young children, over the last week who have encountered unacceptable difficulties in trying to book tests for members of their household. They had to wait hours on the Government website which has not been able to keep up with demand. Then they were asked to travel absurd distances to be tested. With cases of Covid on the rise across the country, it is so important that Bath has the necessary testing facilities within easy reach of its residents.”

“The centre in Odd Down is an important first step; however we must keep up the pressure to improve the testing infrastructure and introduce more walk-in testing centres. Odd Down is a good solution for people in Bath who have their own private vehicle but for those who do not have this luxury, options remain extremely limited. This issue has grown even more pronounced with the failure of the Government to provide enough home testing kits.”

“I will continue to campaign for a walk-in testing site in Bath's city centre. I am pleased about the progress that has been made and am hopeful that a walk-in site, in the centre of Bath, is on the horizon."





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