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Wera Leads Campaign to Have Russia Report Published

On 1st July, Wera Hobhouse tabled a Parliamentary Motion, calling on the Government to reconstitute the Intelligence and Security Committee so that the report of alleged Russian interference in our democracy can be published.

We Must Learn From Residents’ Experiences of Racism

“When I suggested that there is racism in Bath, some residents took offence,” said Wera Hobhouse. “But knee-jerk reactions tell us nothing. They only distract us from the real issue."

Wera Hobhouse Bows Out of Lib Dem Leadership Election

Wera Hobhouse has bowed out of the Liberal Democrat leadership election, and told her supporters: “If you and I really believe in the need for a new direction, then we must accept when we are no longer the best vehicle to deliver that.”

Wera Calls on Government to Support Cultural Sector

The future of one of Bath’s and the nation’s key sectors is under threat.

WATCH: Wera Meets...Reverend Roger Driver

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse Hosts Online Public Meeting with Reverend Roger Driver.

No expansion of student numbers, says Professor Sue Rigby

In the recent online public conversation hosted by Wera Hobhouse, guest Professor Sue Rigby, Vice-Chancellor of Bath Spa University, confirms that they have no intention of expanding.

Wera on Colston's Legacy

Wera issued this statement in response to yesterday's events in Bristol:

Wera Coordinates Cross-Party Call For Safe Street Cafe Culture

Wera Hobhouse has secured cross-party support for her calls for the Government to pave the way for more cafes, restaurants and bars to use closed roads to enable social distancing between customers, keeping businesses open and people in work.

Bath MP Accuses WECA Mayor of Dither and Delay

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has written to the WECA Mayor Tim Bowles, urging him to release the £80 million he received two years ago as part of the Transforming Cities Fund.

Creative Industries To Blossom After Covid-19, Says Professor Sue Rigby

In the latest of the online conversations hosted by Wera Hobhouse, guest Professor Sue Rigby, Vice-Chancellor of Bath Spa University, predicts that the creative industries will flourish in Bath after Covid-19.

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