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Celebrating decades of peace in Europe

At this time of year we remember and honour those who have died in past wars.

Meet the MP: Moorlands/Oldfield Park

A big thank you to constituents from Moorlands, Oldfield Park and other wards who gave up your time on a Friday evening to meet with me last night, to ask questions and to share your concerns.

Speech: Standing up for our environment...

On Monday Wera spoke in the Environment Bills’ second reading – standing up for better protection for our treasured landscape and environment.

Anti-Racism Day

Bath City FC holds a very special place in our community. It’s a real hub that brings people together to watch and celebrate sport. 

Hundreds from Bath march for Final Say

After she emerged from Parliament’s emergency session, Wera paid tribute to the million people who marched to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit. “The government’s defeat is your victory. Thank you! We in Parliament cannot win this without you.”

Meet the MP: Moorlands/Oldfield Park

Do you have concerns about parking, the Clean Air Zone, the Climate Emergency, housing or anything else?

Boris Johnson's deal leaves each of us poorer...

Boris Johnson’s deal with the EU would harm our economy and society.

Votes at 16

For a long time the Liberal Democrats have campaigned for Votes at 16...

Climate Action: Bath leaders collaborate

Last night, Wera spoke to BANES council about Climate Action.

Faster and Fairer Climate Action...

On Tuesday in Westminster, MPs debated whether the government is moving fast enough to reduce the UK's carbon footprint. 

The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government. Join us today:

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