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Here's How To Raise £1Billion In Taxes

The government have lost control of drug-related crime in this country...

Everyone Should Have The Right To A Fair Education

The education system in our country is being sacrificed in the name of austerity...

Reducing The Stigma Around Eating Disorders

Today Parliament discussed how to reduce the stigma around eating disorders in a debate lead by Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath.

A New Royal Commission On Policing Is Critical

If policing budgets stay the same, yet costs rise. Effectively, this is a real-terms cut...

Three Ways School: A Hidden Gem

Three Ways School is Bath’s academy for children with special educational needs...

Wera Praises After-School STEM Club At Roundhill Primary

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse visited the after-school STEM club at Roundhill Primary, and was full of praise for the pupils and the school.

St Andrews Primary School Pioneers Green Classrooms Project

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse visited St Andrews Primary School on Northampton Street, and was thoroughly impressed with the Green Classrooms Project the school has conducted. 

Democracy Doesn't Work If You Stay At Home

“We need to encourage young people to become critical thinkers.” These were some of Wera Hobhouse MP’s key messages to secondary school students during the recent Parliamentary recess.

MP Announces Bath Homelessness Conference

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse is convening a conference to shine a spotlight on the issue of homelessness.

Wera Hobhouse MP Joins School Leaders And Parents To Fight School Funding Crisis In Bath

On Tuesday evening 2nd October Wera Hobhouse MP joined school leaders, teachers and parents to discuss the devastating impact that national cuts to school funding are having on schools in Bath. 

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