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Speech Writing Competition Winner Announced

Wera Hobhouse has announced the winner of the Speech Writing Competition...

Lib Dem victory in tackling 'Sex for Rent'

After pressure from Liberal Democrat MP, Wera Hobhouse, the Crown Prosecution Service have today confirmed they will be conducting a review to update their guidelines on 'sex for rent'.

Wera Calls For A Ban On Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is cruel, immoral, archaic and unjustifiable...

The Last Few Years Has Seen The Deliberate And Systematic Destruction Of Local Government

Wera's speech from the County Council's Network Conference...

Fracking Is Not The Way Forward

The first fracking in seven years took place in the UK this October. In only a matter of weeks, the top end of the safety threshold for earthquakes was breached three times.

Bath Homelessness Conference Summary

On Friday 9th November, the Bath Homelessness Conference was held at BRLSI with over 100 residents, councillors and other interested people in attendance.

University Students Vent Anger About Brexit

Wera Hobhouse visited the University of Bath last week, and spoke to a large audience of students about Brexit, a People’s Vote and what they mean for the UK.  

Let's Get Bike Smart!

More than 100 cyclists and motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day.

Wera Hobhouse Slams Government For Profiteering From The Poor

Bath’s Lib Dem MP has angrily criticised the government for again delaying plans to stop high-stakes betting machines wrecking the lives of families, especially in deprived areas.

Homelessness Conference Speakers Announced

The Bath Homelessness Conference, organised by Wera Hobhouse MP and Roanne Wootten from Julian House, on the 9th November has announced its speakers.

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