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Speech: Divorce To Be Fit For The 21st Century

Wera Hobhouse made an impassioned speech in the chamber, welcoming the new bill which seeks to make our legal practises around divorce fit for the 21st century. 

Wera Discusses Creativity in Education

On Friday 21st June Wera visited the Forest of Imagination at the Holbourne Museum and Sydney Gardens. The theme of this year’s event, which is free and open to all ages, was ‘lifelong inspiration from nature’.

Wera Hobhouse Calls for 'Covert Policy Change' on Rape Cases to be Reversed

Figures recently emerged showing that the number of rape cases charged and brought to court have fallen by 44%, despite the fact that the numbers of rape cases reported to police has risen by 173%.

MP Wera Hobhouse Opens New Outdoor Learning Tipi At Moorlands School

Wera visited Moorlands School last Friday to formally open their new outdoor learning space – a giant tipi in the school grounds!

Wera's Clean Air Victory Secured

Today, in a victory for the Liberal Democrats, the Government has confirmed they are looking at implementing Wera Hobhouse’s car idling bill.

Speech: Carbon Zero Britain


At The Green Lib Dem Conference, Climate Change spokesperson Wera Hobhouse set out her vision of how we make Britain Carbon Zero by 2045...

Bath Summers Set to be 5 Degrees Hotter with 30% Less Rainfall Unless We Act

Climate scientist Dr Jo House has predicted hotter, drier summers for the Bath by 2100 at a Bath Briefing organised by MP Wera Hobhouse.

Save Our Schools Protest

On Saturday, 1000 parents, children and teachers descended on Bath city centre to march against government school cuts, in one of the biggest protests in the city in recent memory.

Wera Hobhouse Tables Bill to Tackle Idling Vehicles

Today, for World Environment Day, Bath MP Wera Hobhouse, the Liberal Democrat Climate Change spokesperson, is tabling a Bill to give local authorities more powers to issue fines to idling vehicles.

MPs: Government Must Act On Eating Disorders

The government must take serious action on eating disorders, a call backed by a group of MPs who have sent a letter to the Department of Health. 

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