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Working Cross-Party to Stop a No-Deal Brexit

Wera made a powerful appearance on CNN on 4th September. She described the effective cross-party work being done to get legislation in place to prevent the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal.

Local Residents: No-Deal Brexit Bad For Bath

Of the top five issues raised by constituents with Wera’s office, Brexit is at the top of the list. A poll by 38 Degrees provides insights into residents’ concerns about the impact of a No-Deal Brexit.

Wera on Suspension of Parliament - BBC Points West Interview 28.8.2019

Having studied History and grown up in Germany, Wera is acutely aware of how fragile democracy is.

Loan Charge Action Letter to PM and Chancellor

On Monday the 19th of August Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, wrote to Sajid Javid concerning the 2019 Loan Charge Scheme.

Our Criminal Justice System Is Failing The Women Who End Up There

Early on in 2019, I became the Spokesperson for Justice and was determined to learn more about rehabilitation and what leads people to commit crime.

Wera Hobhouse Visits St Mungo’s Mental Health Supported Housing Service in Bath

On Tuesday the 30th of July Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, visited St Mungo’s staff and residents at supported housing service, Mulberry House.

Speech: We Must Change the Cultural Conversation Around Body Image

Wera Hobhouse made a powerful speech yesterday in the House of Commons debate on Body Image and Mental Health. The wording of her speech can be found below.

Extinction Rebellion: Making Climate Change Real

At the ‘Climate Crisis: Bath’ Conference, hosted by Wera Hobhouse MP on Saturday 13th July, environmental activist Jessica Johannesson from Extinction Rebellion talked about the fast-growing environmental movement, its future and the immediate threat of climate change. 

Wera Thrilled Jo Swinson Is New Liberal Democrat Leader

With Jo’s victory, our party is in excellent shape to take forward the fight against Brexit, and build a powerhouse in the centre ground of British politics.  

Wera Opposes Bristol Airport Expansion

In October last year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that a global temperature rise above 1.5 degrees would have catastrophic consequences.

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