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Widcombe Junior School Year 5 Pupils: "Clean Up Our Air!"

Year 5 pupils at Widcombe Junior School have given MP Wera Hobhouse suggestions about how traffic and pollution can be tackled in Bath.

Speech: Housing for Domestic Violence Victims

Wera spoke on the flaws in the Secure Tenancies Bill...

Wera Hobhouse Highlights Racism in Schools

Wera Hobhouse speaks in Parliament about the racist incident at a Bath school that left the city in shock.

Wera Tables a Motion to Increase Youth Mental Health Funding

It's no secret that youth mental health services are chronically underfunded...

No Place for Racism in Bath


A racist incident in a Bath School, reported on here by the Bath Chronicle, has left the city in shock. 

Uni of Bath researchers shine at STEM for BRITAIN Westminster event

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse caught up with four of Bath's brightest at the final of the 2018 Stem for Britain event in Westminster earlier this week. 

Lecture: Building Relationships with Germany after Brexit

Wera Hobhouse will be speaking at a BRLSI German Language & Culture event this Friday evening 16th March.

Wera: Allow patients access to medical cannabis

“For some patients, medical cannabis is the only treatment that can alleviate their symptoms. Medical cannabis has been proven to help people with illnesses such as MS when other drugs fail them,” Wera Hobhouse stated.

Speech: Social Housing Centre Stage At Conference

Wera addressed Liberal Democrat Spring Conference with a speech arguing that we don't just need more houses, we need more of the right type. 

Points West: Calls to Ban Upskirting

BBC Points West featured a section on Upkirting, and Wera's bill aiming to make it a specific criminal offence. 


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