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Why I'm Wary of President Trump

"As we prepare for the President’s imminent arrival, I have reflected and I can honestly say I cannot think of a single policy point on which I agree with President Trump."

PM Discounts 16 Million People

When the Brexit deal is eventually finalised, it must be put to a People’s Vote. We must clarify with the people whether this is a deal that is actually acceptable to them. 

Sue Craig Wins Triumphant Victory In Kinsgmead

Wera Hobhouse congratulated Sue Craig on becoming councillor for Kingsmead after a triumphant victory last week.

Street Surgery At Green Park Station

On Friday Wera hosted another street surgery at Green Park Station.

Government Admits That Marijuana Has Medicinal Benefits

The government has gone against its own policy on marijuana in allowing a sick child to use it to relieve his symptoms. 

Wera Hobhouse Joins Constituents On People’s Vote March

Bath for Europe did itself very proud by turning out in force at the People’s Vote March in London on Saturday 23rd June.

Transport And Pollution Conference Summary

On the 9th of June, Wera Hobhouse MP for Bath held The Bath Transport and Pollution Conference. It was on opportunity for locals and experts to put forward their solutions to Bath’s transport woes. The hunger for action on these long-standing problems was palpable.

Government Trashes Climate Change Act

The government has published it’s long awaited revision of the National Policy Planning Framework. It's been met with mass outrage because the status of the Climate Change Act (CCA) 2008 has been both downgraded and devalued. 

Why Climate Change Could Affect Your Pension

Climate change is both an environmental and humanitarian disaster for this planet, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that it will be an economic tragedy as well.

'Upskirting' Bill Returns To Parliament

Wera Hobhouse has announced she is due to be part of a select group of MPs scrutinising the Government Bill to make ‘upskirting’ a specific criminal offence.

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