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Democracy Doesn't Work If You Stay At Home

“We need to encourage young people to become critical thinkers.” These were some of Wera Hobhouse MP’s key messages to secondary school students during the recent Parliamentary recess.

MP Announces Bath Homelessness Conference

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse is convening a conference to shine a spotlight on the issue of homelessness.

Wera Hobhouse MP Joins School Leaders And Parents To Fight School Funding Crisis In Bath

On Tuesday evening 2nd October Wera Hobhouse MP joined school leaders, teachers and parents to discuss the devastating impact that national cuts to school funding are having on schools in Bath. 

Meet Your MP: Weston and Newbridge Summary

The 'Meet Your MP' event in Weston had a great turnout and sparked lively debate.

Parents' Meeting To Highlight The Impact Of School Funding Cuts

Wera Hobhouse is speaking at an event to hammer home the impact of cuts on schools in Bath...

Wera Hobhouse Calls Out 'Sex For Rent' Landlords

Wera has spoken up in Parliament against the practice of 'sex for rent'. 

Meet Your MP: Weston and Newbridge

Wera will be speaking with Weston and Newbridge residents on 25 September at 7.00pm. 

Upskirting Bill Passes Through The Commons

'Upskirting’ has come one step closer to becoming a specific criminal offence. 

Overdose Reversal Drug Saving Lives

Bath’s MP, Wera Hobhouse, has visited the city’s drug treatment centre to get training on how to use Naloxone – the heroin antidote – to mark International Overdose Awareness Day on 31 August.

Brexit To Throw Away £5.1Billion

EU students generate £5.1Bn for the UK economy each year. It has been estimated that each student has a net economic benefit of £68,000.

The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government. Join us today:

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