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The Future of the Liberal Democrats with Wera Hobhouse and Vince Cable

Wera joined Ex-Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable on Sky news to discuss the future of the party this morning. 

Prime Minister Commits to Working with Local MP to Tackle Human Rights Abuses in Syria

Today Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, secured a commitment from the Prime Minister to work together on Turkey’s human rights violations in Syria against Kurdish communities.

The Fight for a Tolerant, Liberal Britain Continues

Today Wera joined the pro-European protestors in Parliament Square following the continued passage of the Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament.

A New Parliament

Wera is honoured and humbled that the people of Bath have re-elected her and entrusted her to represent them in the new Parliament.

Wera Speaks at Final Election Hustings

Last night Wera spoke at the final hustings of this election campaign, A New Vision for the UK?, held by Bath Stop War and members of other local campaigning groups.

Hustings Show Concern for Homelessness, Brexit and Education

Wera has participated in several hustings so far with her fellow candidates for the December 12th election. From church groups, to business leaders to university students, she's heard that people are concerned about many different issues. 

Inspiring Compassion

Wera visited The Woodworks Project, an inspiring, independent local charity that helps vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Bath. It runs a furniture and upholstery workshop, teaching skills that genuinely change lives. 

Wera Cycles in Bath

Wera cycles everywhere in Bath. As the climate change spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, she understands just how vital it is that everyone takes small, manageable steps to reduce emissions. 

Never-ending Brexit

For months now, Boris Johnson has been talking about "Getting Brexit Done." Yet this is just the beginning. 

Mental Health Matters

Wera has been campaigning for improved support for people with eating disorders, which have the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition. 

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