Bath MP Calls for a Plan From the Government to Reach Net-Zero

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Sep 21, 2021 10:09

In a question to the Prime Minister last week, Bath MP Wera Hobhouse asked whether he believes that burning fossil fuels will not be a source of energy in the UK in the future?

Responding to the question, Boris Johnson focused his response on coal, stating that the UK has cut dependency on coal from 40% to 1% since 2012. 

The Liberal Democrats have proposed a ban on new listings of fossil fuel companies on the London Stock Exchange, as part of a proposal that the party says could help the UK become a leader in tackling the climate emergency. 

The policy would also stop new bonds being issued in London to finance oil, coal, or gas exploration. Fossil fuel firms already listed in the UK would then have two years to produce a coherent plan about how they would reach net zero emissions by 2045, or risk being struck off the LSE. 

Additionally, the party has placed carbon pricing and a levy on frequent flyers at the heart of their plans to tackle climate change, weeks before the UK hosts the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. 

They recognise that increasing the cost of using fossil fuels through carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes or other instruments has an important part to play in decarbonising the UK economy. This will target the biggest polluters and the activities where emissions can be reduced most easily. 

Locally, the Lib Dem administration in B&NES is in the middle of its first ever Climate and Biodiversity Festival which is connecting people, allowing them to learn and inspire each other to reduce carbon emissions and restore nature.

The call also comes as Council Leader Cllr Kevin Guy, called on the West of England Combined Authority to show more ambition in its plans to tackle the climate emergency and deliver net zero. 

Responding after her interaction with the Prime Minister, Wera Hobhouse, who is the climate change spokesperson for the Lib Dems, said:

“Obviously, stopping burning fossil fuels is a major requirement to get to net-zero. The Prime Minister’s floundering response was sadly indicative of the Government’s failure to take the climate crisis seriously. The UK needs to get its act together on net-zero. The Government must provide a clear timeline and an actual plan for the phase out of fossil fuels.

“I’m pleased that the Lib Dems have laid out plans for putting a premium on the costs of using fossil fuels which will lead to them ultimately being phased out. Locally, my Liberal Democrat colleagues on Bath & North East Somerset Council have been working tirelessly to do their bit. Last week saw the launch of the first-ever Climate and Biodiversity Festival bringing together many local organisations and groups who are working on this challenge

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