My Priorities

Tackling the Climate Emergency

Climate change is the single biggest issue facing our planet and we must act decisively to prevent catastrophe. Locally, Lib Dem-run B&NES Council and I are calling on the WECA Mayor to set up a £60million Green Recovery Fund to decarbonise our area.

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Affordable Housing for Bath

For years, Bath has been vulnerable to speculative developers creating student accommodation blocks wherever they can. It has to stop. I'm pushing for new planning policy that would keep student accommodation on campus, ending speculative student developments in the city, driven solely by profit.

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Making Up for Lost Time in the Classroom

Parents have been champions of the pandemic, stepping up to homeschool their children under extremely difficult circumstances. However, we all know that there is no real replacement for experienced teachers in the classroom. So, I'm pushing the government for £15billion in catch-up funding to make sure that no child's education loses out due to the pandemic.

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