MP Announces Bath Homelessness Conference

A free event to tackle homelessness in Bath...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Oct 09, 2018 12:10

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse is convening a conference to shine a spotlight on the issue of homelessness.

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse is convening a conference to shine a spotlight on the issue of homelessness.

She said: “Homelessness is a tragedy of the modern age, often made worse by the lack of social housing. While rough sleeping is the visible side of homelessness, there is a hidden side that also concerns me greatly. There are too many families with children in temporary accommodation, and too many young people sofa-surfing. A decent home must be a right for all those in our society.”

A number of Bath’s charities and other organisations are at the forefront of delivering solutions to reduce homelessness. Wera said: “While there is always more that we would like to do, Bath can be proud of what it is achieving in the sector, and I would like to tell the wider region about it. I am delighted that Roanne Wootten, Operations Director from Julian House, is co-hosting the conference with me.”

The Conference will be held on 9th November, from 2 until 5pm at BRLSI in Queens Square.

Roanne Wootten said: “Homelessness is a complex issue that requires a whole community response.  There is never one simple reason why individuals or families become homeless and so much excellent work takes place by multiple agencies to prevent and resolve homelessness. Rough sleepers suffer disproportionate health problems to the rest of the population and it is vital that everyone comes together to plan for a better future that reduces homelessness and rough sleeping in Bath and North East Somerset.

We have invited Homeless Link and the Albert Kennedy Trust to deliver keynotes, before showcasing the excellent work of Julian House, DHI and Off the Record. We hope that everyone involved in homelessness across BaNES will be represented at the event. There will be space for audience members to interact with exhibitors.”

Wera Hobhouse said: “Once again I will be inviting local politicians from all parties, and extending the invitation to members of the public from across the region. The successful partnership approach Bath has adopted is something we should champion across the South West.”

The final panel session will be an opportunity for participants to quiz all the speakers.

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