Help Filling in the Local Plan Form

Guidance on Filling in the Local Plan Partial Update (LPPU) Consultation 


The Local Plan Partial Update is a consultation on changes to the local plan and proposals. You can read an overview of these proposals here. 

I know this doesn't sound the most exciting way to fill your time but this could have a huge impact on your local communities and it is your opportunity to give your views on how you want Bath to be shaped. 


You can submit your comments online. The website can be a little clunky so here is some guidance on filling in the form: 


Step 1: Go to  Have Your Say (click on Have Your Say and you’ll be directed to the web page) 


Step 2: Once you are on the page click on ‘Submit your comments online’ 

Step 3: Click on Give us your views (Online Survey > ). This will take you to a page named ‘How to complete the form’. 

Step 4: Fill in these two parts with what is relevant to you. 

Part A: Personal Details 


Part B: Your representation 


Step 5: Do you give consent for your response to be used as part of the consultation

Click yes. And click continue. 


Step 6: Fill in the questions and click continue at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: You will come to Part B ‘Your Representations’. Fill these in with your own thoughts and opinions.