88% of Bath Residents Think Brexit Will Make It Harder To Fight Climate Change

The figures come from a new poll run by Wera Hobhouse...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jan 15, 2019 9:01

A new poll of Bath residents has shown that 88% think Brexit will make it harder to for the UK to tackle climate change.

The poll, conducted by the city’s MP Wera Hobhouse, was responded to by 353 people.

In a speech in Parliament on Monday night, Wera highlighted the environmental risks associated the UK’s possible departure from the European Union.

Wera said; “If we leave the EU, those who argue for slashing regulations will quickly gain the upper hand. The race to the bottom will soon begin. Among the first regulations on the bonfire will be those that protect the environment.”

“For example, the much touted trade deal with America will most likely involve opening up our economy to fracking companies. Outside the EU, our power to protect ourselves against the interests of large global companies will be much diminished.”

“Brexit is a fundamentally right-wing project. It seeks to deregulate our economy and hand the reins to powerful vested interests. It would be an environmental tragedy.”

MPs are due to vote on Theresa May’s deal on Tuesday evening, with most commentators expecting the government to lose the vote. Wera Hobhouse has consistently argued against the deal, and has repeatedly called for a People’s Vote.

Wera continued “We now know what Brexit looks like, and from an environmental perspective, it will be a disaster. No one voted for prolonging the climate crisis we face. We need a People’s Vote; my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will continue to fight for one.”

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