Government Still Not Prepared To Tackle Plastic Pollution Crisis

Ever Growing Microplastic Problem Needs Fast Solutions

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Aug 20, 2018 9:08

Plastic pollution is a global disaster. Single-use plastic gets all the headlines but microplastic pollution is potentially more environmentally damaging. This issue needs to be brought to national attention.

The Environmental Audit Committee have recommended that this government work towards a systematic strategy for actually researching and mitigating sources of microplastic pollution. The government must listen to these proposals and implement a timeframe to get this done within. Damage is being done to the planet in so many ways, this is an area that deserves equal respect and attention.

Small pieces of plastic are far more likely to be eaten by wildlife. They also have a greater surface area which means the transference of chemicals to and from a marine environment is far easier. This spreads more pollution. This government cannot sit on the legislation to resolve this, it cannot brush this issue to one side. It must act before it’s too late.

This government has spent a lot of time revising and rewording the National Planning Policy Framework. What they have done is deplete the Climate Change Act (CCA). This allows developers to fast track projects. This government does not have a good track record when it comes to protecting the environment, and it must do more. It is so frustrating to see how irresponsible and short-sighted they are on an issue which doesn’t only have national significance, but global ramifications.

Wera said: “Microplastic pollution is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. The government have been very slow to act, and it is frustrating to see them dragging their heels over such an important environmental concern. They must put a timeframe together to address this major issue, and fast.” 


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