Scrapping free Covid tests will leave public “flying blind”

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Feb 16, 2022 2:02

Responding to the news that free PCR and lateral flow tests will be scrapped for everyone next week, Wera Hobhouse, Bath's Liberal Democrat MP said:

“Scrapping free tests when Covid case rates are still sky high will leave the public and scientists flying blind. If there’s one way to put the country at risk of another lockdown, it’s scrapping free tests which have been key to tracking the spread of Covid.

“This will also make it impossible for the immunosuppressed to take 'personal responsibility' for assessing their risk if there’s no actual data on the level of risk in their community. 

“Charging for essential tests would hit those who can least afford it hardest, at a time when households are already facing rising taxes and soaring energy bills

“The Government was happy to waste billions of taxpayers’ cash on useless PPE, but is penny-pinching when it comes to providing people with vital Covid tests. 

“It is blatantly clear that the Conservative Government is out of touch and that they care more about helping their wealthy friends profit from the pandemic than they do about the safety and wellbeing of the British public. 

“This is the last place the Government should be pinching pennies right now. It must guarantee free Lateral Flow Tests so people can do the right thing and keep others safe, not make it harder to do so.”

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