Bath MP Welcomes Caution, Calls for Support for Small Businesses

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Jun 15, 2021 3:06

Commenting on the Government’s announcement that current Covid restrictions will remain in place until 19th July, Bath MP Wera Hobhouse said:

"Caution from the Government is necessary given where we are with Covid right now. We have sacrificed so much and come so far. I know that many are very frustrated but now is not the time to take big risks. It is, however, high time for the Government to put in place robust long-term measures to stop individual cases becoming outbreaks and outbreaks becoming new waves.

“This situation might have been avoided if the Prime Minister had placed India on the Red list sooner instead of prioritising his trade deal. The impact of this delay on businesses that have been preparing to open fully on the 21st will be immense.

“Hospitality and tourism are key elements of Bath’s economy. I have met with representatives of these sectors who are struggling after months of closures and inadequate support. The Government cannot get this wrong again. The Chancellor must urgently step in to support small businesses with spiralling costs and finally sort out its self-isolation system, providing everyone with the support they need. Sadly, the Chancellor has shied away from offering any fresh funding packages and many businesses are worried about the end of the moratorium on landlord's right to collect commercial rent on 1st July. 

“Most crucially the Government needs to do everything in its power to prevent new variants from entering the country.

“Other countries have shown that cases can be kept low, and businesses open, with robust public health measures and financial support. There is no reason the UK Government cannot do the same.”




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