Conservative Bill immoral and anti-democratic says Bath MP

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, May 25, 2022 10:05

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has criticised the Conservatives’ Public Order Bill, describing it as an immoral and anti-democratic attack on our fundamental rights. Mrs Hobhouse slammed the Bill as an attempt to reintroduce measures thrown out by the House of Lords in the Police and Crime Bill. The Bill, which had its second reading yesterday in the House of Commons, contains provisions which would create serious prevention orders that could subject individuals to 24/7 GPS monitoring regardless of whether they have been convicted of a crime or not. This included new stop-and-search powers for the police. 

In her speech, Wera Hobhouse MP slammed this as disproportionately affecting black people. The Bill also includes new offences such as ‘being equipped for locking on’ which mean that someone could face an unlimited fine for carrying a bike lock. 

Wera Hobhouse MP commented after: 

“This Bill shows complete disdain for our democracy. Obviously, it goes without saying that no one should be blocking ambulances from getting where they need to go, which puts lives at risk and does nothing to build public support for a cause. But, this Bill is a blatant and dangerous power grab that undermines our civil and democratic liberties. 

“The Government cannot legislate people into silence. All this Bill is doing is undermining confidence in our public institutions and in our police at a time when public trust in the police leadership is already fragile. 

“Without the right to protest, hard-earned freedoms would never have been secured. From the decriminalisation of same-sex relationships, to employment rights, to women winning the right to vote, the right to peaceful protest has been a force for change time and time again. Protest is a fundamental right. 

“I will never support a Bill that goes against our fundamental civil rights and this Conservative Government should be ashamed.”

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