Wera Calls on Government to Clarify Back to School Plans

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, May 21, 2020 1:05

Wera Hobhouse has written to Gavin Williamson asking him to provide urgent clarity over the Government’s planned return of schools on 1st June.

Wera wrote to the Secretary of State following conversations with parents, teachers, school heads, and other members of the community in Bath about their concerns.

In the letter, Wera asks the Government to “make it clear to parents that it is taking full responsibility for the risk assessment of the reopening of schools, rather than leaving this to head teachers and leaders of multi-academy trusts”.

In addition to this, she requested clarity as to what protective measures will be in place when schools reopen.

Following days of headlines about the proposed school reopening and widespread criticism from Teachers' Unions, Wera urged the Government to “maintain an open and honest dialogue with school leaders, ensuring that they are consulted” throughout this time.

Wera said:

"I have been hearing from members of the educational community here in Bath, many of whom are deeply concerned by the Government’s plan to return certain year groups to school from 1st June. Some are concerned that decisions have been made to prioritise parents getting back into the workplace over the wellbeing of students and school staff. These are extremely complicated issues, yet the Government guidance is simply not there.

The Secretary of State needs to urgently clarify both why these decisions have been made and what precautions will be in place to protect both students and staff. Teachers in Bath have been busy educating the children of key workers and need the Government to be clear about what precautions they are expected to take when more students return.”



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