Carmageddon: Public Meeting

Open to everyone, this meeting aims to raise solutions for Odd Down's potential carmageddon.

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, May 01, 2018 5:05

Odd Down faces serious concerns over future traffic flows...

Proposed development Sulis Down, and existing projects like Mulberry Park have raised serious questions about Odd Down's road network, and it's capacity over the coming years. 

The area has also faced reduced bus services, which only adds to resident's concerns. 

Carmageddon is a publish meeting that will take place on Saturday 12th May at 11.15am, held in St Philip's and St James' Church.

It has been organised by local campaigners, who have brought together a list of speakers including Bath Trams, First Bus, as well as Wera Hobhouse. 

It's part of a series of meetings that aim to raise solutions for Bath's traffic flows in advance of a larger traffic and air pollution conference in a months time. 

The meeting is open to anyone and everyone, and people are encouraged to bring their opinions with them! 


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