Broadmoor Lane Play Park Appeal - The Final Push!

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Dec 18, 2017 1:12

Broadmoor Lane Residents Association are raising money to save the Orchard Play Park...

...and they are over half way there!

As they state on their Just Giving page

"The current landowner has pledged £10,000 towards new play equipment and we have set ourselves a target of £5,000 so that we can make this a really special new play facility for our community. The new play area could go in as early as the Spring thanks to additional support from the Bath Recreation Trust who are commited to maintaining the equipment. Although the Council decided they could not support the park, the community have rallied! Lots of people locally have been getting involved in different ways to help raise funds and design a new play area using ideas collected from local children on Apple Day."

Wera said "It's fantastic to see local communities taking direct action to solve problems that they face. I'm fully in support of their endeavor, and am proud to have donated. I look forward to visiting the park when it's open, all they need is a final push to reach this goal. Good luck Broadmoor!" 


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