Brexit To Throw Away £5.1Billion

130,000 EU Students Under Threat

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Aug 23, 2018 12:08

EU students generate £5.1Bn for the UK economy each year. It has been estimated that each student has a net economic benefit of £68,000.

This government needs to negotiate a post-Brexit agreement on transcontinental education with the EU. We need a mutually beneficial system. One that enables UK students to study freely within the EU, and EU students to study freely within the UK. A system that benefits everyone.

There are over 130,000 EU students currently enrolled at UK universities. Many more study both here and in the EU using the Erasmus+ Programme. The future of this programme hangs in the balance.

The incredible educational opportunities on offer in this country are clear to see. We attract so many international students, and this needs to be protected. We need students to both stimulate and maintain the highly attractive and competitive environment that we’ve created over many generations. Something that we're incredibly proud of as a nation. On top of all of this, throwing away £5.1Bn is illogical. Our universities need it, our economy needs it. We need an agreement in place to protect the current generation as well as all those to follow in the future. 

Wera said: “I studied with many international students when I was at the University of Munster and it was such a great experience to meet, and study with people from other countries. To share ideas, and to learn about other cultures was a privilege that I want other people to be able to experience. The boost to our economy is a plus. This government must protect the exchange of students between the UK and EU to maintain the incredible educational environment that we’ve established.”

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