Brexit Negotiations Failing

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Oct 03, 2017 3:10

As relations with Europe deteriorate, Wera Hobhouse went to Brussels last week to receive a briefing on the progress of negotiations, and to raise concerns voiced by Bath’s residents and businesses.

“As a member of the Brexit select committee, it’s vital that I know how the country is preparing for leaving the EU.  I’m afraid the news isn’t good.”

Wera met with senior European officials, including one of the EU’s key negotiators Guy Verhofstadt MEP.

“Brussels have said that the British team are only working on three issues; the money, the border with Northern Ireland, and EU nationals. No other issues are receiving any attention, and there’s been a break down of communication between our top people and both the European political and business communities.”

“Regardless of how people voted in the referendum, they voted with the best interests of this country at heart. At the moment, everyone is trusting the government with the biggest political negotiations in living memory, and it’s becoming obvious that they are buckling under the pressure.”

“The government aren’t able, or at times it seems un-willing, to pull this feat off. Considering the ramifications of getting this wrong, it’s quite frankly terrifying how under prepared we are for this.”  

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