Uni of Bath researchers shine at STEM for BRITAIN Westminster event

The University of Bath represented in Parliament...

By Office of Wera Hobhouse, Mar 13, 2018 4:03

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse caught up with four of Bath's brightest at the final of the 2018 Stem for Britain event in Westminster earlier this week. 

Cassidy Bayley is researching how we tackle resistance to chemo cancer drugs, by understanding cell signaling. Mike Ndawula’s work focuses on mapping changes in levels of power generation caused by renewable energy so intermittency and variability isn’t a problem in the future. Mi Tian is researching new materials for safe hydrogen storage, which could be one of the big breakthroughs needed to replace fossil fuels. Finally, Edward Nesbit is working with natural materials to chemically synthesize perfume type materials called terpenes. 

STEM for BRITAIN raises the profile of Britain's early-stage researchers at Westminster by engaging Members of both Houses of Parliament with current science, engineering and mathematics research being undertaken in the UK, especially by their local constituents and in their local University.

The event was sponsored by Stephen Metcalfe MP, Chairman of the STEM for BRITAIN organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

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