"Bath is a city that attracts people from across the world, not only to visit, but also to live and work. As residents, you quite rightly take the success of the city very seriously. I’ve always been incredibly impressed by our community spirit, where local people will band together and fight for issues that they believe in, and are affected by."

"Despite its beauty, Bath has serious problems. We are one of the worst cities for air pollution in the UK. Our streets grind to a halt every rush hour as our road system struggles to cope. Many people who grew up here, or who work here, can’t afford to live in the city. There’s a social housing waiting list of over 4000 people. We have a large homeless population. Our mental health and addiction services can’t cope. The list goes on. I care deeply about these problems, and was elected to work through them. We have the opportunity to make Bath a better place to live for everyone."

"In the news section below you can keep up to date on progress on my work tackling these issues in Bath, as well as what I am doing in parliament on your behalf."

Wera Hobhouse

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Wera Speaks Out For Migrants’ Contribution To The UK

Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, gave a passionate speech at a rally in the centre of Bath on Saturday, 17th February.

Speech: Refugees - Let Them In

Wera made a speech in a Westminster Hall debate, arguing that politicians need to find their humanity regarding the refugee crisis. 

Bath MP impatient for action on Traffic and Pollution

Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse, is calling on residents and campaigners to come together to tackle the city’s Transport and Pollution problems.

Speech: Housing Should be for Social Need and the Public Good

Wera made a speech arguing that local authorities should be allowed to build houses with social need and the public good as a priority, rather than simply profit. 

Sikh War Memorial Campaign Launched

Wera attended the launch of the campaign to build a monument in central London in honour of Sikh soldiers who have given their lives in service to the United Kingdom. 

Dark Days for the UK's Solar Industry

Industry bodies are concerned about all sub-markets in the UK solar industry; solar farms, industrial & commercial rooftops and domestic rooftops.

Amendment: More Electric Car Charging Points

Nitrogen Dioxide emissions contribute to 40,000 avoidable deaths a year. Bath has one of the highest levels of the lethal gas in the country.

Catherine Bearder MEP Hosts Lecture on Brexit Strategy in Bath

Wera Hobhouse and Tom Brufatto joined her as key speakers to a packed Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

Read: Wera's Letter to David Davis

Following David Davis' appearance in front of the Brexit Select Committee, Wera wrote him the following letter.  

Wera Signs Holocaust Memorial Book

This week Wera Hobhouse signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment...

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