"Bath is a city that attracts people from across the world, not only to visit, but also to live and work. As residents, you quite rightly take the success of the city very seriously. I’ve always been incredibly impressed by our community spirit, where local people will band together and fight for issues that they believe in, and are affected by."

"Despite its beauty, Bath has serious problems. We are one of the worst cities for air pollution in the UK. Our streets grind to a halt every rush hour as our road system struggles to cope. Many people who grew up here, or who work here, can’t afford to live in the city. There’s a social housing waiting list of over 4000 people. We have a large homeless population. Our mental health and addiction services can’t cope. The list goes on. I care deeply about these problems, and was elected to work through them. We have the opportunity to make Bath a better place to live for everyone."

"In the news section below you can keep up to date on progress on my work tackling these issues in Bath, as well as what I am doing in parliament on your behalf."

Wera Hobhouse

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Warning Over Taxi Tout Danger

With thousands of new students in Bath for the beginning of a new educational year, Bath taxi drivers are warning young people about the dangers of getting into a vehicle that they haven’t pre-ordered.

Wera puts pressure on the government to enable councils to build housing

As the housing crisis continues to worsen, Wera Hobhouse has put pressure on the government to lift the borrowing cap on local authorities to build houses.

Foxhill: Wera steps in to get both sides talking

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has acted to improve relations between Curo and some Foxhill residents over the plans to demolish and rebuild a large part of the estate.  

Wera: Government doing nothing for electrical safety

Wera criticises the government for doing nothing on electrical safety in response to an independent report. 

BaNES Council Get it Wrong on the Min

“BaNES Council’s decision to abandon the Min to market forces shows a complete lack of vision for the city.” Says Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse. 

Wera supports Ban on Letting Fees

Wera Hobhouse has come out in support of the ban on letting fees charged to tenants, proposed by the government. 

Wera calls on Metro Mayor to fund research into the city’s traffic

Wera calls on the Metro Mayor to spend some money on Bath's traffic woes...

Wera Hobhouse responds to student over town vs gown concerns

Wera has written an open response to the student who said he was "full-on disgusted at the way students are spoken of" in the city...

Wera Supports Bath Climate Concern

Wera follows her convictions on climate action in Bath...

Rough Sleeping is a National Scandal That the Government are Failing to Tackle

Analysis by Heriot-Watt University found 9,100 people are currently sleeping on the streets across Britain - the previous estimate was 4,100...

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